About Us

At Gift of life, a 501 (C) (3) organization,we aim at helping those with special needs – physically and mentally handicapped in the areas of health and education. We believe it is our social responsibility to work towards creating a more equal world, where everyone has access to education and Health care. We aim at working in support of the ones with special needs, through advocacy and education as well as by providing and assisting with needed resources, to help them be better, socially acceptable, self-respectable, self-supporting individuals. Our goal is to have a better, healthier and happier world for children and adults everywhere – especially for the specially-abled.


Our Vision Is To Support The Needs Of, As Well As Develop As Many Specially-Abled As Possible, To Be Self-Reliant, Self-Independent Individuals With Growing Acceptance Of The Community, Friends And Families.


Our Mission Is To Generate Efficient Resources To Support The Specially-Abled (Physically And Mentally Challenged), Through Fundraising, Advocacy, Education And Generating Effective Resources.