Founder & President – Flora Parekh

The Year Of Women Empowerment & the month of Autism Support ! – There couldn’t be any better opportunity to share our vision, mission and goals! At Gift of life, a 501 (C) (3) organization, we aim at helping those with special needs in the areas of health and education. Donations collected are aimed to be used for overall goals and activities, not limited to, supporting the specially abled, creating awareness – health & education, encouraging talent, providing services & much more. 

Truly inspired by my mom’s symptoms on the spectrum of bi-polar disorder, which is now almost under control to normal; due to dedicated and persistent follow-up  and presence of mind of our immediate family members; gave birth to the noble thought of giving back to the community , inspiring us to do something for these extremely special people. An amazing team of like minded team members, committee members, supporters & well wishers lifted this to unimaginable heights since launch. We thank each and everyone who made this journey possible! We have a long way to go, but with like minded people like you in every walk of life, this will be  seamless! This is just the beginning! Together, we will achieve more! Support The Noble Cause! Donate Generously!

Co-Founder & Chairman – Paresh Parekh

The best gift someone can give is to be self-reliant. Education is a tool that helps one fight self-reliantly. Often, it is seen that the Specially-abled, physically and mentally challenged, struggle to enjoy the privileges and benefits of continued education & upbringing. At the other hand, often the families and friends of specially-abled struggle to find readily available, affordable services for their care and education. We all own the social responsibility to identify them and support them by educating them and their families of their needs and resources for their continued growth support to be self-reliant and self-respectful.

At Gift of life, a 501 (C) (3) organization, registered under EIN – 81-2839326, we aim at helping those with special needs – physically and mentally handicapped in the areas of health and education. We believe it is our social responsibility to work towards creating a more equal world, where everyone has access to education and Health care. We see ourselves as catalysts, promoting programs at the grass-roots level, which we aim at growing exponentially in upcoming years. We aim at working in support of the ones with special needs, through fundraising, advocacy and education as well as by providing and assisting with needed resources, to help them be better, socially acceptable, self-respectable, self-supporting individuals. Our goal is to have a better, healthier and happier world for children and adults everywhere – especially for the specially-abled.


Our vision is to support the needs of, as well as develop as many specially-abled as possible, to be self-reliant, self-independent individuals with growing acceptance of the community, friends and families.


Our mission is to generate efficient resources to support the specially-abled (physically and mentally challenged), through fundraising, advocacy, education and generating effective resources.

We work with generous donors like you; who are willing to help us advocate for the survival and well-being of every child and specially abled. Whether it is supporting these special children with school bags including year-end supplies or with uniform or books or with any material, promoting their hidden talent, assisting with their health and education needs, etc. the organization aims at helping along the way. We have started our exciting year with supporting these special kids with some school bags and blankets. An annual essay competition was also conducted to promote awareness and explore existing talent. This is just the beginning. Together, we can achieve unimaginable heights. 

Your generous support and motivation, to help accomplish our goals and grow further will come a long way. Any and every $ is important but we have outlined some nominal numbers in an effort to support our Gala. We aim at helping some after school activities for special children as well as provision some academic scholarships to the deserved.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information needed at