Meet Our Selflessly Devoted Volunteer Executives!


Founder & President – Flora Parekh

The Year Of Women Empowerment & The Month Of Autism Support ! – There Couldn’t Be Any Better Opportunity To Share Our Vision, Mission And Goals! At Gift Of Life, A 501 (C) (3) Organization, We Aim At Helping Those With Special Needs In The Areas Of Health And Education. Donations Collected Are Aimed To Be Used For Overall Goals And Activities, Not Limited To, Supporting The Specially Abled, Creating Awareness – Health & Education, Encouraging Talent, Providing Services & Much More. 

Truly Inspired By My Mom’s Symptoms On The Spectrum Of Bi-Polar Disorder, Which Is Now Almost Under Control To Normal; Due To Dedicated And Persistent Follow-Up  And Presence Of Mind Of Our Immediate Family Members; Gave Birth To The Noble Thought Of Giving Back To The Community , Inspiring Us To Do Something For These Extremely Special People. An Amazing Team Of Like Minded Team Members, Committee Members, Supporters & Well Wishers Lifted This To Unimaginable Heights Since Launch. We Thank Each And Everyone Who Made This Journey Possible! We Have A Long Way To Go, But With Like Minded People Like You In Every Walk Of Life, This Will Be  Seamless! This Is Just The Beginning! Together, We Will Achieve More! Support The Noble Cause! Donate Generously!

Co-Founder & Chairman – Paresh Parekh

The Best Gift Someone Can Give Is To Be Self-Reliant. Education Is A Tool That Helps One Fight Self-Reliantly. Often, It Is Seen That The Specially-Abled, Physically And Mentally Challenged, Struggle To Enjoy The Privileges And Benefits Of Continued Education & Upbringing. At The Other Hand, Often The Families And Friends Of Specially-Abled Struggle To Find Readily Available, Affordable Services For Their Care And Education. We All Own The Social Responsibility To Identify Them And Support Them By Educating Them And Their Families Of Their Needs And Resources For Their Continued Growth Support To Be Self-Reliant And Self-Respectful. 

Harshil Parekh

Treasurer & CFO
A medical student by profession, Harshil has been balancing his academic career with selfless community service since his early teens.

Jeena Chandihok

A Real Estate Professional, Jeena comes with a passion to serve the community!

Bakul Matalia

Executive Director

Kamlesh & Mrudula Parekh

Executive Directors

Rupal Sehgal

Executive Director

Neela Pandya

Executive Director

Dr. Sheetal Sheth

Executive Director

Shashi Malik

Committee Member

Aditi Patil

Committee Member

Aditi has been incredibly interested in community service for several years and has fundraised for several projects. She is the founder of high school club XX Coders, which run a number of projects including teaching coding to other female students, providing education opportunities in the field and raising awareness of the gender gap in the technology industry. Additionally, she has pioneered a program through Special Educations Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA) where the XX Coders teach programing and coding to elementary and middle  school children with autism . Outside of the XX Coders Club projects and programs, she has been interning in Wyandanch schools where she teaches kids about environmental protection and preservation. She hopes to continue her XX Coders club throughout college and eventually pursue a career applying computer science to healthcare. During her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, playing the oboe, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Aryan Sharma

Committee Member

Aryan is a bright, naturally inquisitive and excellent student. He is self-motivated and eager learner. Since the First grade, he always got 4 + GPA. He was winner of the Valid Victorian award in the fifth grade out of approximately 300 students. Being an excellent student, every school year, teachers are proud to have Aryan in their classroom. He was the winner of Elite Mathematics competition this year and was the finalist of the “Elite Spelling Bee” competition.  Aryan has leadership quality too. He was the School Secretary and part of the Newspaper club in his 6th grade. Aryan is a key member of his debate team in the Anderson School. He has won medals and trophies in various debate competitions. Aryan is very passionate to play basketball. He is a key member of the Anderson school basketball team “Dragons”, who have won various inter school basketball matches. He not only has intellectual and physical talent, but also musical. He is good in playing the Piano and is currently learning guitar.

Aryan is a member of youth club of Hindu Temple, who organizes various community and cultural events to promote community services, interfaith religion activities and to explore youth talent through various staged dances. He also helped in a charity named “Toro Re-gifting “which works to help kids with disabilities. 

Since his childhood, Aryan loved to read, so he has a very vast knowledge on various topics as well as current events. Besides reading, Aryan loves to watch useful TV programs on history, geography, discovery, science and news channels. Due to his entrepreneurial characteristic, he loves to watch TV programs like “Shark Tank” and “Property Brothers”.